Att. Gülay Çağlı, LL.M
Managing Attorney – International Law Department

She was born in Kayseri in 1973. Having graduated from the historical Kayseri High School, she graduated from the Vocational Law College of Istanbul University as the second best of the graduation class which made her eligible for enrolment at the Faculty of Law at the Istanbul University without the compulsory entry exams and graduated in 1998. She then completed her English studies in London in 1999 after which she undertook her Master degree (LL.M) in Information Technology Law at the London School of Economics & Political Sciences with Merit degree. Following to that, she also has a law degree from College of Law in London which enables her to practice as a solicitor in the UK. She is currently doing her Doctorate (PhD) studies in private law at the İstanbul Bilgi University. Having started her career in 1999 as a trainee lawyer at Gun Law Office, she then worked at some charitable organisations such as NAWO, Judith Trust in London, she later took a position as a Turkish Lawyer at an English law firm namely John Howell & Co, where she set up the Turkish Department and managed it until her return to Turkey. Cagli, upon returning to Turkey during 2006, settled in Bodrum of Mugla, where she founded her own private legal practice, Cagli Law. Immediately upon establishment, she has undertaken the legal consultancy works for a London based private investment company and also was the manager for 8 years until such time the company has seized its investment plans in Turkey all together. As of 2015, she has moved to Istanbul where she continues upon both her legal and academic work alongside which she also teaches law as lecturer at a private university. She also holds the titles as Trademark & Patent Attorney of TPE and European Patent Attorney. Cagli has now joined the team at Canacankatan Law Firm in August of 2016 as the Managing Attorney for the International Law Department.