A structure that keeps developing itself with its experience

Canacankatan Law Firm was established in 1987 by Attorney Emin Canacankatan who has professional knowledge and experience of more than 30 years in Istanbul/Bakırköy where was a jurisdiction that legal activities were intensively taking place in that time.

Mr. Canacankatan has been the one who has adopted the principle of supremacy of law as the existence and establishment objective of his law firm and in years he has also maintained these values in the law firm by making his enlarging team to apply this principle too.

While it is carrying out works for numerous businessmen, politicians, public figures and many well-respected institutions and companies, Canacankatan Law Firm truly believes in the importance of the supremacy of law principle and therefore always stucks to it. Canacankatan Law Firm, which has good professional relationships with many institutions and people for many years, has been giving consultancy and attorney services in various legal areas which are detailed under the title of Activity Areas.

Story of knowledge, experience and continuous renewal

Ever since its establishment, renewing itself in accordance with the current scientific and technologic developments is the main purpose of Canacankatan Law Firm. With its continuously enlarging expert staff and modern service mentality, Canacankatan Law Firm has been maintaining its legal services in Bahçelievler MetroPort Busidence, where is one of the most respected and central business environments of Istanbul since 2010. Canacankatan has been an expert on every aspect of this functioning but complex system with its knowledge and experience.